Don't Let These Myths Keep You From Seeking Ketamine Treatment For Depression

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Depression can make you feel exhausted, hopeless, and unlike yourself. For years, doctors and researchers have been exploring ways to treat and manage depression. Treatments like SSRIs and MAOIs work well for some people, but not for all. But more recently, an alternative has popped up for those who don't get a lot of relief from these conventional depression medications. It's called ketamine. It is an infused medication administered at a clinic or your doctor's office, and it is likely to ease your depression significantly. Sadly, however, there are a few myths that sometimes keep people from pursuing ketamine treatment. Check them out below. 

Myth: Ketamine is just a street drug and is therefore harmful.

Ketamine is sometimes used as a street drug, but that does not mean it does not have therapeutic qualities when used responsibly and under a doctor's care. Many other drugs, such as codeine and Ritalin, also have therapeutic benefits in spite of also being abused as street drugs. When you're given ketamine for depression, your doctor will monitor your dose closely to minimize your risk of side effects. You'll also be sure to receive "pure" ketamine, whereas ketamine obtained illegally may contain other harmful substances. Don't let the fact that other people abuse ketamine keep you from using it responsibly for its intended purpose.

Myth: Ketamine is new and experimental.

Using ketamine for depression is a newer idea, but ketamine is not a new drug. It has been used as an anesthetic for decades and has a good track record of safety when used in this way. Doctors are well versed in its side effects and how to administer it.

Myth: You'll get stuck in delusions after ketamine treatment.

Taking ketamine does cause you to dissociate. That is an important part of how it works. While you are dissociating, it "re-wires" your brain, forming new neural connections that don't include those feelings of depression. When people take ketamine on the street, there is sometimes a concern that they'll get stuck in these delusions or have flashbacks, but that's really not a concern when you are given ketamine in a medical setting. Your doctor will be careful to give you a dose that causes just enough dissociation to help you, but not harm you.

These myths about ketamine treatment are simply untrue. Talk to a doctor in your area to learn more about ketamine treatment options.