How Does A Medical Scribe Help Physicians?

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Physicians have many tasks on their plate when seeing patients and there is much to document and note in order to keep patient information up-to-date and accurate during visits. That is why so many physicians are turning to scribe companies to find a medical scribe to assist them with the documentation process. Here's what you need to know about how medical scribes aid today's busy physicians.

Allows Physicians to See More Patients Per Hour

When doctors do not have to take time between every patient to document details of the previous visit it speeds up the process. In fact, one study determined that the use of scribes in a cardiology clinic resulted in the ability of physicians to see an additional 9.6 percent of patients per hour. The return on investment was impressive with the clinic earning an additional revenue of $1,372,694 for the year at a cost of only $98,588 for the medical scribe services.   

Saves Physicians Time Managing Documentation to Focus More on Patient Care

While hiring a medical scribe does allow physicians to see more patients in an hour, it also allows them to focus their attention on the patient rather than documenting the details of the visit. It makes patients feel more confident in the doctor's assessment and helps to create a more interactive patient experience.

Physicians Enjoy Greater Job Satisfaction

Many physicians chose the medical field to help people. Whether their practice is dedicated to family medicine, specific conditions, and diseases, specific body systems, etc. Their goal was to improve the lives of others through medical care. It was not to become chained to their desks managing paper and documenting patient visits. The medical scribe frees up physicians' time so they can focus on patient care, conduct research in their fields, teach other physicians, and pursue personal interests.

While the requirements to be a medical scribe are not particularly stringent, many recent college graduates choose this position while they consider applying for medical schools or wait for responses to their medical school applications. It helps them familiarize themselves with medical terminology and learn more about the fields of medicine they are considering.

Thanks to modern technology, the medical scribe can be in the room with the patient and physician or attend the visit virtually. In fact, there are many online medical scribe companies that help physicians manage patient documentation every day without creating another presence in the examination room.

To learn more about medical scribes, contact a local job agency.