Why It's A Good Idea To Hire A Home Care Worker To Assist Your Elderly Parent With Bathing

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As your older parent gets older, you might find that it's difficult for them to do some of the things that they did in the past. For example, although your parent might have always been able to take baths or showers on their own, this might have become a bit of a problem lately. Luckily, there are ways that your parent can get help with bathing without going to a nursing home, such as with the help of a home care worker. These are some of the reasons why it might be a good idea for your family to hire a home care worker to assist your elderly parent with bathing.

You Might Not Feel Comfortable Helping

Although you might know that your elderly parent might need help with bathing, and although you might normally help your parent with things that they need help with, you might not feel completely comfortable with helping them with bathing. After all, this can be a bit awkward for both you and your parent. You might find that both you and your parent will feel more comfortable with the situation if you hire a home care worker, such as from Elkview General Hospital, to help with this type of thing instead.

Your Parent Could Be at Risk of Getting Hurt

There are serious risks for elderly people who shower or bathe on their own. There is the chance that your loved one could slip and fall while getting in or out of the shower, for example. This can be very dangerous for an elderly person who might break a bone or otherwise seriously injure themselves. Plus, if your elderly parent lives alone, they might not have anyone close by to help them if they do get hurt while getting in or out of the shower or while showering. If a home care worker helps your parent with bathing, however, you can greatly reduce the chances of them getting hurt.

Your Loved One's Health Could Be at Risk

If your elderly parent does not feel comfortable or safe when bathing but if they don't have anyone to help them, their health could be at risk because of it. If your parent is not bathing frequently enough, there is the chance that they could get a skin infection or urinary tract infection. Plus, their skin might be itchy and uncomfortable, and they could have a body odor. If they have help with bathing, then they can hopefully avoid all of these potential health issues.