Benefits Of Arthroscopic Surgery For ACL Reconstruction

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Knee injuries can cause a person a lot of problems and one of the most common knee injuries is tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). If you tear your ACL, it will not heal on its own-- you will need to have surgery to have the ligament reconstructed. The good news is that ACL reconstruction can be done with arthroscopic surgery, which has a number of advantages over traditional surgical methods. Your surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. Some of the top benefits of arthroscopic ACL reconstruction include:

Fewer Complications

One of the reasons that arthroscopic surgery is popular for ACL reconstruction is the fact that it tends to have fewer complications than traditional surgical methods. With arthroscopic surgery, small incisions are made, and since the incisions are very small in size, the chance of infection is lower. In addition, arthroscopic surgery does not require any ligaments or muscle to be cut, which further lowers the likelihood of any complications during the procedure or while a person is recovering.

Outpatient Procedure

In most cases, arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is done on an outpatient procedure. Your surgery will either be performed at a hospital or a surgery center, but you will not have to stay in the hospital-- you will be able to go home the same day that you have your surgery. Most people do not enjoy staying in the hospital, so being able to go home right away and begin recovering is a big perk of arthroscopic surgery.

Recover Faster

A huge benefit of arthroscopic ACL reconstruction surgery is the fact that since it is minimally invasive, it has a much faster recovery time than traditional knee surgery. Due to their small size, the incisions made during arthroscopic ACL reconstruction typically heal within a few days. You will also be able to begin physical therapy shortly after the procedure, which will also help shorten your recovery time. 

Less Painful

When you have arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, you should expect some swelling and discomfort in your repaired knee. However, people who undergo arthroscopic ACL reconstruction typically report their recovery being less painful than those who undergo traditional knee surgery. This is primarily due to the fact that arthroscopic surgery is less invasive, so your knee and the surrounding area will not swell as much. After arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, you should be able to recover at home with minimal discomfort. 

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