Electromagnetic Energy And Alzheimer's

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An Alzheimer's diagnosis can be devastating. This disease slowly robs patients of their cognitive function, leaving them without the ability to recognize loved ones or complete simple tasks without assistance.

An effective Alzheimer's treatment has yet to be released, but there is one type of therapy that could have significant benefits when treating individuals with Alzheimer's. Electromagnetic energy could be the answer to reducing the negative effects of Alzheimer's in the future.

Targeted Treatment

One of the primary benefits that electromagnetic exposure can offer to Alzheimer's patients is the ability to delivery help where it is needed most. Medications are not always able to penetrate the brain or the neurons within the brain. This leaves prescription medications with a limited ability to enact change within the neurons themselves.

Electromagnetic energy can easily penetrate the brain. This type of treatment can enter brain cells to help halt the progression of disease without the use of invasive procedures or oral medications.

Electromagnetic Energy

The key to understanding how electromagnetic energy could be a treatment for Alzheimer's lies in recognizing the effect this type of energy can have on the brain cells themselves. Electromagnetic energy can alter mitochondrial function to improve the overall health of the cell.

An increase in mitochondrial energy can increase the activity levels of the neurons within the brain. More active neurons combats the cognitive degeneration that is typical of Alzheimer's. By affecting the brain on a cellular level, exposure to electromagnetic energy could help slow the progression of the disease.

Evidence Through Research

The use of electromagnetic energy to help patients with Alzheimer's is still in the early stages of research and development. The treatment does show promising results in test studies conducted on mice.

One research study exposed a group of transgenic Alzheimer's mice to electromagnetic energy. The results were significant improvements in memory and an alleviation of the deterioration of brain cells. Research has progressed to human test groups, and researchers expect similar results.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's, invest in a full body therapy system that will expose the individual to pulses of electromagnetic energy.

These therapy systems have been used to help alleviate chronic pain and treat sports injuries for some times, but you can harness the healing powers of electromagnetic energy to possibly help your loved retain his or her cognitive function- despite the receipt of an Alzheimer's diagnosis. Contact a service, like Pure Wave Now, for more help.