Successive Breast Augmentations: Words Of Caution, And Reasons Why

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Larger breasts are the whole point of breast augmentation. While it can feel good for a woman who has had tiny breasts her entire life to undergo augmentation, it may not be the ideal solution for any woman that is already large-breasted. Also, women who have a lot of surgeries on their breasts to make them bigger and bigger and cannot seem to stop themselves will eventually find that there are cosmetic surgeons that simply will not work on their breasts anymore. As you consider this surgery, please think about the following words of caution and reasons why going bigger is not always better.

Your Body Can Only Support Breasts of a Particular Size

Women who are dissatisfied with their first two breast augmentations, and choose to keep going, do so at their own risk to their personal physical health. Your frame is designed by nature to support breasts up to a certain size. Past that, your shoulders, back, neck, and chest cannot support anymore. When you get your initial breast augmentation surgery, ask your surgeon what he/she thinks is the largest but safest size you can go without causing yourself any health problems in the future. A lot of cosmetic surgeons are willing to advise women on the augmentation size if women are willing to ask for the advice.

Repeated Surgeries Are Not Recommended

Repeated surgeries on your breasts are not recommended. Sometimes patients go overboard, wanting "boobs bigger than Barbie's," and these patients may take things too far. When that happens, the stress of the surgeries and the scar tissue that results finally breaks.

Women who have had one too many breast augmentation surgeries have experienced this first hand, and it is not good. The skin literally splits open, or it refuses to heal after another (and often final) surgery. Sometimes there is dead tissue involved that needs to be removed, or oversized breast implants need to be removed so that the skin can be sewn up. If and when your surgeon says that he/she will not do another breast surgery, it pays to listen because he/she is worried that your breast tissue, your skin, and/or your health may suffer for it. 

Why You Have to Go Through Psych Evaluations

There are many cosmetic surgeons that require a psychological evaluation on the patients before they will perform drastic modification surgeries. They want to be sure that the patients are of sound mind before enhancing their bodies beyond safe limits. If a psychiatrist clears you for cosmetic surgery and you want bigger breasts, then the surgeon feels better about helping you go cup sizes bigger.

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