Hidden Places That Exacerbate Pet Alleries

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Sometimes pet allergies are a large problem that can make owning a furry pet next to impossible. Other times, pet allergies only flare up every once in a while and owning a pet is possible, especially if the pet and the house are kept clean. If you are in the second category and you own a pet, you must be sure that you take care of any allergy issues when they first start to develop. If you have noticed that your allergies are worse than usual, it is likely that allergens have been collecting around your home. Here are three hidden places that you can find allergens that exacerbate your symptoms. 

The window blinds

Window blinds are one of the perfect hiding places for pet dander and pollen. If you rarely open some of your blinds, the dander can sit on the windowsill and build up. This can cause a rise in your allergies flaring up. Go through your home and your blinds and wipe down your windowsill on a regular basis. This will keep away any dust and will make sure that pet hair and dander don't settle from room to room. 

Clothing in the closet

Pets, especially cats, find it easy to slink anywhere inside of the home. If you leave the doors to your closet open at any time, they may be able to rub against your clothing and deposit hair and other allergy-causing materials inside of your clothing and shoes. This will cause an allergy flare up when you go inside of your closet or when you wear some of your clothing. Keep the doors of your closets shut and sealed at the bottom so that dander can't get inside and settle into your seasonal wardrobe. 

Sofas and chairs

It is comforting to have your pets lay or sleep near you when you are sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, many things can fall between the cushions of the couch, including pet dander. In order to make sure that your favorite place in the house to relax remains without allergens, you should get the couch scotch guarded and vacuum the sofa on a weekly basis. Be sure that you clean the feet and fur of your pet each time they return inside of the home. Periodically check between the sofa to determine if any dirt is getting on the sofa and needs to be cleaned to make sure that you and your pet can relax together without worry. 

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