Look Younger Because You Feel Younger: Taking A Closer Look At Hormones

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Researchers and medical professionals around the globe have been looking for years to find effective ways to slow down the aging process. From skin creams to injections, many products and medical treatments claim to slow down aging. While many of the techniques available do have some effect, many of them do not actually impact how young you feel. If you feel younger and more energetic, the chances are high you will look younger as well. Learn more about how hormones can help you feel younger.

Hormones Play A Vital Role With The Cells In Your Body

No one could live without hormones because they are the messengers that cause all the processes in the body to take place.  Hormones are produced in glands located all over the body: some coming from the thyroid, some from the pituitary, and other from the adrenals, testes and ovaries. While hormones come from different glands, their mission is the same: directing cells to take an action for a bodily process. For example, the human growth hormone is responsible for relaying the chemical messages to the cells to induce growth in children. Hormones also regulate internal body temperature, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and mood. Without hormonal messaging on a cellular level, the human body could not survive because nothing would work.

How Growing Older Impacts The Role Of Human Hormones

No one knows exactly why the hormone levels slow down as you grow older. Aging does impact some hormones more so than others, and some hormones are metabolized more slowly. Researchers are looking at the human growth hormone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone as being the hormones most impacted by aging. As these hormone levels diminish, you may feel tired more often. However, hormone replacement therapy has been found to increase energy levels and give you the vibrancy you felt at a younger age. While researchers are still unsure about the kinds of anti-aging benefits hormones can offer, they do know that hormone replacement can work to make you feel younger since it can mitigate the effects of menopause, improve bone density, and improve collagen production.

You can talk with a professional, like Modern Therapy, for more information about hormone therapy. Always discuss with your doctor about any type of product you are considering, especially hormone supplements for anti-aging, before you take it. Doing so can ensure you get the best benefits from your supplementation.