A Good Thing, Period: 3 Things Your Menstrual Cycle Can Do For You

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Having your period is generally not thought of as a good thing; the cramps, aches, mess, and fatigue that comes with that time of the month can cause you to be cranky or stressed out, and generally feel like you've been hit a few times with a meat tenderizer. However, for all the negatives your menstrual cycle may bring you, it can actually ensure that you stay healthy and can even help to fight off disease, among other benefits. So if you're wondering what good can even come out of your monthly cycle, then here's what you need to know.

Fight Off Kidney Failure

Women, generally speaking, have far lower rates of kidney disease and kidney failure than men do – but while scientists and doctors have known this fact for years, they haven't been able to come up with an answer as to why. However, with a new study done in Austria, an answer has been pinpointed: menstruation. Your menstrual cycle brings with it a myriad of hormonal changes, and it's this hormone shake up that researchers think is responsible for women's lower rates of kidney damage, protecting your cells from the changes that can bring trouble to your kidneys.

Regulate Your Weight

Though there have been periods (no pun intended) over time where doctors would ascribe weight gain to various things (such as the now-discredited theory of a simple calories-in-calories-out ratio). However, they've finally figured out that weight is largely dependent on your hormones functioning correctly, especially as a woman (with progesterone and estrogen). Thus, while it may seem like a relief at the time (unless you're dating someone), missing a few periods can throw your weight out of whack. Your monthly red tide, while annoying and messy, tells you that your hormones are working perfectly and thus your weight will be much easier to manage.

Improve Your Sex Life

Depending on how you were raised (and what your sex ed was like), you might have heard that period sex is unhealthy or dangerous – but nothing could be further from the truth. Orgasms not only improve your mood, but can also get rid of your cramps for a few hours and can relieve headaches and migraines (which frequently come from periods). Also working to improve your sex life is the fact that your testosterone level raises during your period, which heightens your libido and makes sex better all at once.


There are a thousand and one reasons to hate your period, but hopefully these reasons will give you a newfound appreciation for your monthly cycle. For more information or clarification on this topic, visit a local OGBYN clinic.