Why You Should Have An Indepedent Medical Exam For Weight Loss Issues

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Being overweight can be difficult. It can especially be hard when you are putting in a major effort to lose weight but are not losing any pounds. If you have tried calorie counting, pre-made diets, and exercising for many hours a day but you are hardly losing weight, you should see your doctor. There are a number of issues that can lead to you retaining weight. There may be issues that are not spotted by a doctor who already has a trained eye on your medical history. If you have seen your doctor and they have concluded that you are healthy, you should seek an independent medical examination from a company like UMC Medical Consultants, P.C. for a few reasons. 

The doctor may be reluctant to change medications

Medicines can be the culprit to many people holding on to weight. If you have come up with a medicine regime with your doctor, they may be reluctant to make any changes to your medicine. A doctor that you have not seen before can give you information based on your condition and your bloodwork about medicines that may work for you but will not make you hold on to the pounds. See both an independent doctor and your normal physician to discuss changing medications to take all possibilities into account. 

They may take different factors into account 

When you go in for an independent medical exam, they will ask you the standard questions that any other doctor will ask. They will request family history, your personal history, bloodwork, and to know your health habits. The doctor that you have known for years may already operate on specific theories or prior knowledge about your health. Having someone look at the overall picture with a fresh set of eyes can have the benefit of bringing up other issues. If your doctor has not tested you for thyroid issues or PCOS, these could be factors that hinder weight loss that another doctor might spot by looking at the full scope of your medical history. 

You can get traditional and non-traditional advice

When you seek a doctor out of your norm, you may be interested in seeing a doctor who is focused on weight loss or obesity or a doctor who is holistic. Having a doctor who operates on different notions may bring about solutions to weight loss that work. For instance, holistic doctors may suggest a diet for your body and blood type avoids certain meats or plant-based foods, while telling you to increase the intake of specific meats, fruits, and vegetables. A physician that specializes in weight loss may give you specific macronutrient intake plans that can kick fat burning into high gear. Seeing a new specialist for non-traditional advice may net you non-traditional weight dropping gains, as well.