About Getting Customized Allergy Drugs At A Pharmacy

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Is it hard to take over-the-counter drugs for your allergies because you are allergic to something inside of them? The first thing that you must do is get examined by a physician so he or she can prescribe a drug that can be compounded in a way that meets your needs. Find out below about getting a prescription filled at a compounding pharmacy to make the drugs more suitable for you to take.

How Can Drugs Be Made More Suitable in a Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies are in the business of creating more customized drugs than some of the other pharmacies. If your physician discovered what was having a bad effect on you in the over-the-counter allergy drugs that you were taking, he or she can write a prescription to have an allergy drug compounded that excludes what you are allergic to. For instance, some allergy drugs may have ingredients for symptoms that you don't have, so those ingredients will be excluded.

Your allergy drugs can also be compounded without a coating being placed on top. There are a lot of drugs with a light coating that is slightly sweet to make them more tasteful in the mouth. The coating includes dyes that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If the dye used in over-the-counter drugs is what causes your problem, the coating will be excluded.

Can Allergy Drugs in the Form of Pills Be Reduced in Size?

If there is an allergy medication that you are not allergic to but have a hard time swallowing, the pills can be reduced in size if you have a prescription for it. The pharmacist will basically use more potent ingredients when compounding your pills in order to make sure the small size does not interfere with the dosage amount. He or she can also combine several doses into a single pill, such as if you don't want to take more than one pill with each dose.

If you don't want to deal with pills altogether, the allergy drugs can be made in the form of liquid. If you take allergy medicine a lot because of the constant flare-ups, consuming liquid can be a lot easier to cope with than pills. You can also tote liquid drugs without having to drink fluid when you take them, which can be helpful when you are away from home. Don't delay getting a special prescription for your allergies and heading to a pharmacy to get it filled. Speak with professionals like Colby Pharmacy today to see what they can do to help you.