Not Sure What To Buy For The Senior In Your Life? Here's 6 Gifts They'll Love

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering what to buy the seniors in your life. It can be difficult to find appropriate gifts, especially if they're in senior care facilities. Before you give up and decide that it's hopeless, here are a few suggestions to brighten your loved ones day.

Warm, Comfy Socks

As you age, you lose circulation in your extremities. This can cause your feet to get colder.  Warm, comfy socks are an excellent way to help your loved one keep their feet warm. Be sure to include a small mesh laundry bag with your gift. This is especially important if they're in an assisted living facility. They can keep their dirty socks in one location so that they don't get lost.

Elastic Waist Pants

Many seniors have a difficult time dressing themselves, especially when it comes to buttons and zippers. Elastic waist pants are easy to slip on and off. Not only that, but they don't have the tight waistband that can be uncomfortable when you're sitting down.

Lap Robes

Big blankets are often too bulky to use when seated in a chair. If your loved one has limited mobility, or is confined to a wheelchair, they will appreciate having a small lap robe that they can place over their legs. As stated earlier, your circulation gets worse as you age. A lap robe will help your loved one keep their legs warm.

Unscented Moisturizing Creams

Seniors are prone to bed sores and dry skin. Unscented moisturizers are the perfect gift for keeping their skin soft and supple. Be sure the moisturizers are unscented to prevent any allergic reactions.

Lip Balms

The skin loses essential moisture and oils as you age. As a result, lips can dry out and crack much easier. Lip balms will help keep your loved one's lips properly moisturized so they don't chap. You'll want to give them several so that they don't run out.

Gift Cards

You might think that gift cards are for when you don't know what else to buy. However, gift cards are an excellent gift for people who are in assisted living facilities, or are on tight budgets. Your loved one will be able to use the gift cards for the things they really want or need.

It can be difficult to purchase gifts for the seniors in your life. If you're not sure what to buy for your loved one, you can use this handy list. These gifts are both useful and thoughtful.