Weaver's Bottom: How Can You Make Your Buttock Pain Go Away?

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For many working adults, back pain is the most common health issue they face during the day. The pain can be overwhelming and extremely frustrating. But for some workers, buttock pain (weaver's bottom) is the main problem they face. Learn more about weaver's bottom and how you can make the pain go away below.

How Do You Get Weaver's Bottom?

Weaver's bottom, or ischial bursitis, develops when the bursa situated between the gluteus maximus muscle in your buttock and the ischial tuberosity bone in your lower back pelvis become inflamed. The ischial tuberosity is also called the sitting bone. The bursa can become inflamed if you sit too long on a hard surface. Some people develop weaver's bottom when they overuse the muscles in their buttocks and hamstrings. Overuse can occur from playing sports, running, cycling, or lifting heavy objects. 

The symptoms of weaver's bottom can vary, but many people experience a dull ache or an intense pain in their buttocks. The ache or pain can begin deep within the buttocks and travel throughout the hips and thighs. The muscles in your buttocks and legs might tingle or feel numb as well. These symptoms can worsen when you sit down or when you sleep at night. 

You can alleviate the symptoms of ischial bursitis with the right care. 

How Do You Stop Your Buttock Pain?

If your symptoms don't subside with over-the-counter pain medication, place a cold pack on your buttocks to see if it helps with the pain. During the day, place a cushion in your chair or workbench to remove pressure from your painful buttocks. If possible, try to find a cushion with indentations in the pad to support your buttocks. Some people use "donut" cushions for support. You want to ease the inflammation in your buttocks as much as you can.

If none of the treatments above work, visit an urgent care clinic for help. Doctors may examine you by x-ray or MRI scan during your visit. Diagnostic tests can help rule out or diagnose other possible cause of your buttock pain, such as bone fractures and infections. If weaver's bottom is the reason for your buttock pain, doctors may give you an injection or prescription to ease the pain. If doctors detect other problems with your buttocks, they'll go over your treatment options with you. 

You can overcome the pain in your buttocks by contacting an urgent care clinic for more information