Take Advantage Of New Technologies That Enhance Your Skin Beauty And Make You Look Younger

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Dermatology trends continue to evolve, and people want to use products and technological treatments that make them appear younger. You no longer have to settle for skin flaws that do not enhance your looks because dermatologists can fix those flaws. Aside from fixing the flaws for you, procedures and skin products boost your confidence about your attractiveness. You'll find that you more easily socialize with others in the public domain when you are confident about how you look. So take advantage of new dermatology technologies that enhance your skin beauty and make you look younger.

It's About More Than Sun Damage

For many years, popular conception dictated that the sun's UV rays are responsible for wrinkles and dark spots on your skin. You're asked to wear sun-blocking moisturizers because UV light is thought to be a major source of skin damage and is associated with skin cancer. UV rays are indeed dangerous and promote skin cancer. However, new studies now pinpoint another source that strongly contributes to skin damage and premature aging of your skin. Researchers are saying that you can also develop those brown spots and wrinkles from exposure to infrared light and heat. 

Treatment For Heat And Infrared Skin Damage

Since hydration is so important in maintaining good skin health, note that newer forms of hyaluronic acid ingredients are being used in topical products and injectable fillers. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective skin-hydrating products. These products are known for their ability to hydrate your skin while also adding moisture. What's happening now is that hyaluronic acid's inherent molecule is being fine-tuned to penetrate deeper into your skin, which makes the product last much longer when you use it. More innovative hyaluronic acid products now increasingly fulfill the functions of lifting and tightening while also adding volume to your skin.

More Skin Technologies

You can also take advantage of new technologies that are used for targeting fat under your chin. Many people say that this condition causes them embarrassment because it sags their chin and serves to make them look much older. Well, new technologies now offer two procedures you can use to rid yourself of fat under your chin. The procedures are called Kybella Acid and CoolMini.

Kybella is an acid that dissolves under-the-chin fat, and CoolMini is a device that's used to freeze the fat. Expect to see a more defined-looking jawline and a regenerated firmness to your skin following your procedure. Ask your dermatologist about which of these two technologies is best suited for your specific need. Some dermatologists use both technologies on a patient at the same time. A really neat thing about these procedures is that they are natural product applications and not surgical procedures.