Personalizing Your Loved One's Headstone To Show Their Style

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If you are in charge of selecting a gravestone for a loved one's cemetery plot, you are most likely concerned about the several options available in stone mediums, finishes, and additions to select from. It is a good idea to take the time to pick out a headstone that shows the deceased's personality in a way that will be appreciated by all who view it. Here are some choices that will reflect your loved one so those who visit the cemetery will be reminded of their life in a positive way.

Provide A Resting Area For Visitors To Enjoy

If your loved one had many friends and family members who will be visiting their grave, consider having a stone bench added to the headstone so they have a quiet area to sit while in the area. A stone bench can be cemented to one of the sides of the gravestone, or it can be placed right at the head of the grave with the back piece shaped as a headstone for the plot. The bench can be inscribed with whimsical sayings your loved one used to say, small pictures that show meaningful times in their life, or simply their name and dates of birth and death if desired.

Have An Etched Picture Placed On The Stone

If your loved one had a favorite hobby or pet that meant a lot to them, a picture commemorating it can be placed upon the headstone to share this bit of information with those visiting. Select a picture with your loved one doing an activity they enjoyed or one with the pet they loved so much. This can be transposed onto the stone, and a professional etcher will use the appropriate tools to cut the photograph right into the stone. The cuts can be painted if you wish for color to be incorporated into the piece, or it can be left as white or black lines for a streamlined appearance.

Add A Medallion With A Portrait Or Photograph

Placing a circular or oval medallion with a photograph of the deceased on the front of the gravestone is a wonderful way to remember your loved one as they appeared when they were alive. Select a head shot photograph that reflects the deceased favorably or have a local artist paint a depiction of this photo. The picture or painting can then be slipped into a thick plastic encasement and cemented to the front of the headstone you select.