Packing Your Labor Bag? 4 Items You Shouldn't Forget

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Now that it's time to pack your bag for the hospital, you're going to want to remember a few additional items. You probably already know to pack the basics like clothes for you and the baby. However, there are a few items that you might not know about. These items are crucial to your labor and delivery. Forget them and you'll figure out why. Here's a list of items that every expectant mother should have in her hospital bag.

Hard Candy

You're going to want to eat during labor. Unfortunately, most hospitals won't let you eat once you're in hard labor. That's where the hard candy comes in. When you feel those hunger pangs, simply suck on a piece of hard candy. The candy will keep your blood sugar steady, satisfy your hunger pangs, and give you a quick boost of energy – which you're going to need.

Comfy Socks

Once you get to the hospital, they're going to have you change into a hospital gown, which means you're going to have to remove all your clothing. It might take them a few minutes to bring you a pair of footies.

That means your feet are going to be cold. It also means that you're going to be walking around bare foot on dirty floors for a few minutes. Bring your own comfy socks that you can slip into as soon as you get into your hospital gown. Your feet will be comfortable throughout labor.

Light-weight robe

In regards to the hospital gown, you know that it's completely open in the back. Pack a light-weight robe in your bag so you can cover yourself up while you're walking the halls. Labor often requires a great deal of hall walking and hospital gowns only cover up so much. You'll feel much less self-conscious and able to focus on your labor if you have a robe that you can slip into.

Your Favorite Pillow

You don't want to forget this item. While you're in labor, you're going to want to have something comfortable to wrap your arms around. Your favorite pillow is a great way to get comfortable during your contractions. Not only that, but you'll sleep better on your own pillow once the baby arrives.

Labor is going to be a lot of hard work. You're going to want to have everything you need in your hospital bag. Bring these items along to the hospital to help you focus on the task at hand: delivering a healthy baby. (Go here for more information on obstetrics)