5 Benefitss Behind The Design Of Diabetic Socks

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One of the surprising side effects of diabetes is foot problems. Individuals who suffer from diabetes often experience damage to both the nervous and the circulatory systems, which directly impacts their feet and increases their likelihood of suffering from a foot injury. To make matters worse, nerve damage can make it more difficult for someone with diabetes to recognize when their foot was injured.

To help protect one's feet, there are special diabetic socks you can wear. Diabetic socks provide one with a wide range of benefits and are just one way to protect your feet when you have diabetes. Many foot doctors recommend diabetic socks because of all the health benefits they provide.

#1 Keep Feet Dry

Diabetic socks are specially formulated to help wick moisture away from your feet. Excess moisture around your feet is not ideal when you have diabetes. Excess moisture helps create the right conditions for fungal infections. Socks that are designed to wick away moisture can help reduce your chance of contracting a fungal infection.

#2 Prevent Bacteria Growth

Next, socks designed for individuals with diabetes are treated with antimicrobial treatments. The antimicrobial treatments and materials used in the sock help to stop any bacteria or fungi that get near your feet from growing. Bacteria and fungus can be particularly damaging to individuals with diabetes, so the more protection you have against bacteria and fungus near your feet, the better off you are.

#3 Reduce Risk of Rubbing

When one has diabetes, even the seams on socks can be a problem. The seams of one's socks can rub against your foot, leading to blisters as well as raw skin. Seamless socks help protect you from socks rubbing against your feet, causing sore skin and potentially blisters.

Sore skin and blisters can be troublesome for individuals with neuropathy, a common side effect of diabetes. Simple skin issues and blisters can easily lead to ulcers for someone with neuropathy.

#4 Extra Lining for Protection

Next, diabetic socks are made with extra lining for the bottom of your feet. This extra padding is in place to protect your feet from getting injured. Extra protection is always a good thing when it comes to protecting your feet from injury complications.

#5 White Sole for Injury Awareness

Finally, many socks made for individuals with diabetes are white. The socks are white to help one identify when their foot is hurt. A blister or wound will leave a stain on a white sock, helping one identify and recognize that their foot is injured. With dark-colored socks, an injury could easily be missed.

Socks made for individuals with diabetes are made to keep your feet dry while protecting you against injury and infection. Diabetic socks are just one of the many ways to take care of your feet when you suffer from diabetes. Additionally, work with a podiatrist, like those at Carolina Foot &  Ankle Specialists, to protect your feet from damage caused by diabetes.