Four Tips For Better Hearing This Fall

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Any season is going to bring changes in hearing needs, especially when the fall season arrives and there is much more excitement, especially revolving around sports and holidays. To help keep your hearing in a good state, it's helpful to consider these four tips:

  1. Avoid Stadium Games: Stadium games, such as football games are extremely loud. If you can avoid it, it will protect your already impaired hearing as someone who wears hearing aids. If you do want to attend a game, you will want to turn down your hearing aids to protect yourself from having to deal with the extreme noise. 
  2. Don't Use a Leaf Blower: While it's easier to use a leaf blower to rake up the leaks on your lawn, it is dangerous for your ears. If you would rather use a leaf blower rather than rake, turn your hearing aids down and use ear protection covers. Although the best alternative is to hire gardeners to take care of this for you since you are more sensitive to noise, you will save yourself from potentially more damaging hearing loss. 
  3. Get Wireless Hearing Aids: To help adjust to the fall season that means more one on one conversations during holidays and heavy noise from group gatherings, you will want to consider upgrading to wireless hearing aids if you don't have these currently. This way, you can simply adjust as needed with the use of your smartphone. This is easier than just trying to guesstimate what settings you need when you take your hearing aids out. 
  4. Get Hearing Aids Customized: Before fall arrives, you should consider visiting your audiologist to help customize your needs. This gives you a better understanding of your own hearing, which does make it easier to know exactly what settings you need to adjust to in specific situations. This way, you are able to enjoy your time out and about without stressing about the level of your hearing aids. 

With these four tips in mind, you can be sure that you have a better fall experience doing all the activities you love without compromising your hearing. Be sure that you make a regular appointment with your audiologist and visit them when you have concerns about any hearing troubles you are having, such as not being able to adjust to the right settings in certain situations. Your audiologist can help you out with this and even request new hearing aids for you if necessary. For more information, contact companies like Hearing Specialists of DuPage.