Safety Features To Look For In Your Stairlift

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When it comes to your home, you should always have access to every part of it. Not having the ability to go up or down stairs should not stop you from enjoying all of your home, and it is possible to continue to have access to your home. The answer is simply installing a stairlift for your stairs. The stairlift can provide you with the ability access your entire home even when the stairs can be a physical barrier. However, not all stair lifts are created the same, and not all of them are safe. Here are a few safety features that you should look for in your stair lift. 


One part of a stairlift that is often overlooked is the smoothness of the ride. Many individuals want a lift that has a lot of power, or that is as fast as possible. These can be great features, but if you do not have a smooth ride, it could actually end up hurting you. Look for a stair lift that offers a smooth start and stop feature. The initial acceleration or deceleration can actually cause whiplash. If you are a person that has ever suffered from neck or back problems this may be the most important safety feature. 


Another very important safety feature is for you and the ones that you love. While the stairlift can be enjoyable to ride, it is not a toy. Many neighbors or children that come to visit may want to ride on your stairlift. This may be fine every once in awhile, but you should be the one that determines who rides your stairlift. Find a stairlift that has a lockable on and off switch. You can determine who rides your stairlift and when they ride your stairlift. 

Mechanical And Electric Braking System

If you are going to invest in a very nice stair lift, it is important that you ensure that the stairlift has a dual braking system. In the unfortunate and very unlikely occurrence of a engine failure, you do not want your stairlift to go flying down the rail to the bottom of the stairs. In order to protect you, it is important that the stairlift comes equipped with electrical and mechanical braking systems. If you are going out of control down the stairs you will be able to mechanically shot the motion off with your braking system. Do not buy a stairlift unless it has a dual braking system.   

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