Don't Use Dry Ice On Your Plantar Warts!

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People who develop plantar warts may decide to save money on visiting a podiatrist and simply put dry ice on them at home. This is a huge mistake, and one that can be very dangerous to make.

What Are Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts are not the same as normal warts because they aren't caused by the same problem. They are actually skin growths caused by a viral infection with HPV virus. This is not the same virus that causes genital warts, though, so those who are concerned about this possibility shouldn't be. However, plantar warts can be very painful because their roots reach deep into the foot.

People with them often feel a little embarrassed about them and avoid getting treatment because of it. Plantar warts are not dangerous, but they do hurt when stepped on, which is why many people have debated using dry ice to eliminate them from their feet. However this is a problematic decision because dry ice, while effective when eliminating these warts, should not be used by just anybody.

Doctors Do Use Dry Ice To Remove Plantar Warts – But You Shouldn't

While it is true that dry ice can be used to eliminate plantar warts, the average person should not engage in this practice Why? Dry ice is a potentially dangerous item when used improperly. Failure to take careful precautions (such as isolating the rest of the skin from the ice) could cause a dangerous reaction that could seriously hurt the rest of the foot.

Other problems associated with dry ice include respiratory problems caused by breathing it in and dizziness from exposure. As a result, it is important to simply leave the dry ice to the doctor and use simple home pain remedies to alleviate any plantar wart discomfort.

Management Techniques Until Removal

To avoid pain from a plantar wart, it is a good idea to avoid walking on sharp items and to keep the foot carefully guarded. This not only protects it from pain, but also keeps the wart from getting broken apart and potentially spreading the virus even further. Pain medications can be useful as a way of managing this problem, though they work in a rather roundabout manner.

Some all-natural methods people have used in the past include duct tape, apple cider vinegar, banana peels, tea tree oil, and even onions. The actual medical usefulness of these treatment methods are wildly debated, though, making it a better idea to simply manage the pain and limit sharp physical contact with the wart until it can be removed.

Professional help from a podiatrist is particularly useful here. They will freeze the wart off the foot and eliminate your foot pain. Don't be ashamed of a plantar wart or avoid getting treatment. There's no reason to be embarrassed, and treatment can help eliminate foot pain. Contact a podiatrist at a location such as Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers of Illinois for more information.