3 Tips For Pain Relief After A Tummy Tuck

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A tummy tuck is designed to make your stomach look flatter and more toned, and it can help get rid of excess skin. However, you might find that you have to experience a bit of discomfort before you are truly able to enjoy the benefits of this procedure. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to get some relief from your pain and discomfort after your surgery. These are the best things to do.

1. Talk to Your Doctor About Pain Medication

A tummy tuck is a pretty big cosmetic procedure, so you might want to take pain medication to enjoy some relief. You may be able to get by with an over-the-counter pain medication, but a better idea is to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about a prescription pain medication, which can provide you with a bit more relief from your pain. Just make sure that you talk to your doctor about any other medications that you might be taking and any allergies that you might have, and be careful to take the proper dosage of your pain medication.

2. Massage Your Tummy

During the healing process, try gently massaging your tummy a couple of times a day. It can be nice and soothing when you are dealing with procedure-related discomfort, and it can also help promote healing by assisting with blood circulation. Simply use your fingertips to gently rub your tummy in circles. Avoid using lotion or massage oil when doing so, however, since one of these substances can get into your wounds and potentially cause irritation or infection.

3. Get Some Rest

Even though you might be ready to get out and about so that you can show off your nice body, or even though you might be ready to get back to work or to participating in all of your favorite activities, you have to let yourself rest so that your body can heal. Doing too much can cause you to stretch your stomach muscles, which can result in even more pain. For the first several days after your procedure, you should instead focus on laying in bed or on the couch as much as possible, with your legs propped up on a couple of pillows. This helps prevent too much strain on your stomach muscles and can help promote healthy blood circulation.

If you follow these three tips after your tummy tuck, you can enjoy some relief from your pain and can encourage healing.