For Your Eyes Only: Choosing The Right Prescription Swimming Goggles

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If you're a swimmer with vision problems, you may find yourself ditching your eyeglasses and swimming with blurry vision. However, constant exposure to chlorine often causes damage to the cornea and wearing contacts increases your risk of eye infection from bacteria. 

A solution to the problem is prescription swimming goggles, which improve vision while swimming by supplying air pockets in front of you to help light pass in and out of your eyes. Here are some tips to choose prescription swimming goggles.

Figure the Diopter Strength

The lenses in swim goggles are called diopters, which resemble the lenses in reading glasses. It is essential to match the diopter with current or new eyeglasses prescriptions.

To figure diopter, doctors use the formula ½ cylinder + sphere. "Sphere" measures diopter weakness and "cylinder" refers to the degree of astigmatism in your eyes. The sphere number will commonly be negative for nearsighted vision and positive for farsighted vision. For example, say you have a sphere of 6.0 and a cylinder of 3.0. Half of 3.0 is 1.5.  Add 1.5 to 6.0, which gives you 7.5. Round down to the numbers on your current prescription instead of up to reduce eye strain.

Types of Swim Goggles

The model of swim goggles depends on your swimming style.


These are some additional features you may want to consider:

Your optician will give you more information on choosing prescription swim goggles to match your current eyeglass prescription.